Kamikazes, Culture and Kingdom

I have been thinking about how culture uses religion for its own purposes. As an example of that, let's consider pre WW2 Japan. Their society was very far behind the rest of the modern world, and they were desperate to catch up. To that end, they sent representatives out to every successful country in the... Continue Reading →


Who Defines Justice?

Whatever sense of justice that we have as humans is only a dim reflection of the perfect justice that flows out from the giver of life. God is infinite and perfect in his character, so all his attributes are infinite. He isn't just partly just, he is as just as it is possible to be.... Continue Reading →

Mercy and Punishment

Many Christians believe that mercy and punishment are at odds with one another. They believe that God is merciful, but he is also just and therefore must punish sin. This thought is so common, it seems to go unquestioned. If your perception of God is that he is a judge bound by law, this would... Continue Reading →

A Subversive Faith

How long has it been since you looked up at the sky, really looked at the sky in wonder? As a kid, I used to have this weird thing that I would do. I would all of the sudden have this thought, I would sort of "wake up" and realize how amazing it was to... Continue Reading →

The Promise of His Presence

When I think of Christmas memories as a child, I think of being at my grandparent’s home with lots of family. There was always an abundance of delicious food, festive decorations and many homemade gifts and cards over the years. We sang songs and shared the Christmas story with us cousins acting out different parts.... Continue Reading →


For the moment, let's grant that X amount of sin really does = X amount of punishment. I argue here that this isn't the case, but let's grant that it is. Let's grant that God really does "have to" punish each sin by a fixed amount of punishment because this kind of "justice" is built... Continue Reading →

Justice, Wrath, and Cosmic Sunscreen

In my last post we talked about justice and punishment. I tried to show that the idea that God "has to" punish sin is based on human ideas about justice rather than the scriptures. It seems clear in the scriptures that while God certainly does have wrath against sin and He certainly does punishes sin,... Continue Reading →

Justice and Punishment

As Christians, we believe that Jesus died for our sins, and that any debt we owe because of them was taken care of. But the precise mechanics of how that happens has been debated for centuries. One part of this debate is our understanding of God's justice, and how and for what purpose he deals... Continue Reading →

Our God is a Consuming Fire

Sometimes, from our kid's perspective, we seem to be their worst enemy. We seem demanding and cruel. We force them to swallow things they don't want to. We make them do things they don't want to. We don't let them do whatever they want! This is part of being a parent. In fact, a really good... Continue Reading →

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